Life at Lower Farm are all from our own farm models! 

The cottages are based here on our working farm, where farming life goes on every day of the year. The farm is mainly arable although we have some animals depending on the season.

Pigs are a permanent fixture, occupying around 100 acres, where 800 sows produce thousands of piglets all year round. The location of the pigs moves around the farm each year, allowing them access to fresh ground.

During the winter months, we often have a herd of beef cattle grazing our water meadows and a herd of sheep grazing our farmed grass fields.

The rest of the farm (some 1000+ acres) is down to a mixture of combinable crops (wheat, barley, sugarbeet, oats, grass seed, peas, beans and parsnips) and stewardship schemes, where large swathes of land are left untouched to encourge local biodiversity. We also take part in carbon neutralising schemes where British companies can plant new trees here on our farm to offset their carbon footprint.


The farm also supports the family's countryside interests - a small, private family shoot is maintained ensuring plentiful wildlife on the farm, from where game is sold to a local butchers (Lakes) in Fakenham. Conservation is very important to the farm; english partridges are thriving amongst other bird species, including some birds of prey (female sparrowhawk pictured).

There are also several horses that live in the fields surrounding the farmyard, and in winter, over at the park in the village.

 The farmyard is a hive of activity (and strictly out of bounds - for safety reasons - unless accompanied by one us by prior arrangement). Other than the men and machines going about their daily work, there is a large flock of geese and variable numbers of bantam hens, producing even more variable levels of eggs!